Every ACSI Control System is custom developed to meet specific process needs and requirements. Our engineers are highly skilled and knowledgeable in numerous complex industries.


By successfully combining our extensive glass process knowledge, with advanced innovative technology, ACSI is able to substantially improve temperature stability as compared to conventional PID. Our knowledge can be applied to multiple applications such as Unloading, Batching, Melting, Forming, and Production. We have integrated control solutions for Float, Fiber, Container, Tableware, Tubing, Lighting, Coater and other specialty glass systems. ACSI is the recognized control solutions leader in the glass industry.

Glass Mfg

Inorganic Chemicals

ACSI’s proven capability for Chemical Manufacturers includes both Precipitation and Crystallizer processes. Our solutions can also be applied to final preparation such as Kiln Control, Drying, Calciners, and Ion Exchange. Realized benefits of an advanced control system include increased productivity, improved performance & efficiency, and fewer process upsets.

Inorganic Chemistry


Our successful strategy for the Food Industry includes control solutions for Raw Materials, Batching, Preparation, Cooking, Quality Control, and Packaging. Implementing ACSI’s flexible batch programming provides manufacturers the ability to place complete recipe execution under PLC control. Integration of controls for up-stream ingredient prep also allows for smooth ramping of production & movement of ingredients. With these tools, manufacturers are able to achieve improved reporting, waste reduction, improved product quality, reduced downtime, and material savings.

Food Indust


Mold Cooling Water Temperature, Flow & Pressure, Cast Speed, Spray Water, Tundish & Ladle Control, and Utility Measurements are all key factors in achieving efficient control of Continuous Caster Systems. ACSI provides Steel and Metal Manufacturers DCS Replacement leading to increased throughput, increased flexibility, reduced job change and improved tracking & scheduling.

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Within the Refractory Industry, our extensive knowledge includes control solutions for Raw Material Batching (Verification, Unloading, Storage, and Preparation) Kiln, and Milling. By streamlining the process, more accurate weighing, tighter tolerance, stable temperature control and increased production is achieved.