Proprietary Preact Adjustment Algorithm


By applying our proprietary weighing strategy to sequential and non-sequential batching systems, you will achieve greater weighing accuracy and greater throughput. Because these systems are based on standard software and hardware, they are easily maintained at the plant level.

ACSI's Batching Control Systems incorporate a proprietary Automatic Preact Adjustment Algorithm for weighing control. This algorithm ensures materials are weighed accurately, monitors the final weight of each material, and if necessary, makes adjustments to compensate for feeder degradation and material flow changes.


• Minimizes/eliminates the jog cycle.

• Improves weighing accuracy.

• Minimizes/eliminates out of tolerance alarms.


• Maximizes process efficiency, increases cycle speed and overall throughput, and reduces equipment wear.

• Ensures homogeneity from batch to batch, decreases material waste, and corrects to tighter tolerances.

• Reduces the need for operator intervention.

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