Making Strides in the Packaging Industry


ACSI is working with manufacturers to apply advanced packaging solutions. These applications include:

  • Flow Wrapping
  • Row Handing
  • Pallet Tracking
  • Sortation/Routing
  • Inspection/Open Flap Reject
  • Diverter/Reject
  • Barcode Systems
  • Positioning/Pitching
  • Robotic Load/Unload
  • Camera/OCR/Color Detection
  • Laser Profile/Meaurement

Our controls interface with mechanical equipment, such as conveyors, sensors, and robotics, for high speed and high volume applications.

With our custom-designed control systems you will achieve lower costs and more effective yield. As a result, the improvements are passed on to your customers and theirs. When you combine our hot end control systems with packaging controls, your customers receive a product made to their specification. In turn, consumers buy products that are more attractive to them at a lower cost.

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