Boost Your Melter's Performance


ACSI control system engineers work with you to understand your melting needs and to determine the most effective solutions for your furnace. In many cases, the innovative Model Based Control with feedforward inputs promotes the most effective control over glass temperature and level, and often it is more effective than Boundary Control or traditional PID methods.

By applying advanced control strategies in over 500 melter installations in all segments of the glass industry, we have devised solutions that are both cost effective and easy to maintain.


In order to improve temperature control performance and melting efficiency, our systems regulate melter pressure, temperature, and other factors, depending on the type of melter. In addition, safety systems are monitored in all applications.

Our control systems are custom-designed for any type of melter: electric, recuperative, regenerative, or oxy-fired. Additionally, we supply Glass Level Sensors and provide Electric Boost control and Bubbling Control.

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Oxy Fired Melter

Recuperative Melter

Electric Melter

Regenerative Melter

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