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Developing Custom Control Systems for all Industries

Whether you mix, manufacture, fabricate, process, or transport, ACSI control systems can help you minimize costs, maximize yield, and simplify your operations. Every control system is custom-developed to meet your specific processes and needs.

Leading the Glass Industry

With over 700 installations worldwide, ACSI is the recognized control solutions leader in the glass industry. Our customized installations are currently helping glass manufacturers improve production in all segments of the industry. Our application kowledge covers both batch and continuous processes. We have extensive knowledge of glass manufacturing and have provided solutions to the top producers in the business.

Making Strides in the Packaging Industry

ACSI is emerging as a leader in the integration of systems for the packaging and material handling industries. In order to achieve excellence, your process must be designed to fit your own needs. Our custom-designed control systems allow you to achieve lower costs and more effective yield. In addition, the results are felt throughout the supply chain.

Streamlining Batch Processes

It is important to consistently provide the highest quality batch possible while meeting production requirements. ACSI's control systems optimize the mechanical system's performance by consistently monitoring plant performance and automatically adjusting the control parameters. This strategy adapts to different material flow characteristics and feeding devices to ensure materials and weighed to the highest possible accuracy in the shortest possible time.

Surprising Steel Manufacturers

Steel is essential in so many aspects of our everyday lives. In order to meet the continued demands for steel manufacturing, coating, and processing, there is a need to increase throughput and increase quality. ACSI's control systems can achieve these goals while also improving reliability and extending equipment life. In the long run, you will see reduced maintenance costs, increased productivity, and satisfied end users.


Improving Food Processing Efficiency

ACSI provides the food processing industry with benefits that are felt throughout the supply chain. New features and cutting edge technology help you achieve lower costs and effective yield through increased uptime, decreased waste, and easy maintenance. In turn, your customers receive a product made to their specifications, and ultimately consumers buy products that are attractive to them.

Managing the Complexity of Chemical Industry Controls

Simplifying control systems in the chemical industry can lead to improved reliability, improved efficiency, and the ability to achieve aggressive output targets. Additional benefits may include reduction in human factors-related errors as a result of easy-to-use displays, simple troubleshooting, and the minimization of manual tasks. Each of these benefits saves you money and helps your plant run more efficiently.


Improving Performance for Aggregates

A truly optimized system streamlines your process and saves money. Minimizing downtime and maximizing throughput is the most effective way to save money. ACSI's control systems provide tighter tolerances for raw mill particle size, reduce heat loss, and efficiently control temperature for both heating and cooling. This tighter control ultimately maximizes uptime and increases profit.

Custom Controls for All Industries

In today's competitive market, gaining the edge on the competition requires precision and the highest quality possible. These goals can only be reached by streamlining the control systems used to produce your product.

ACSI control systems are successfully applied in many industries. These systems help you meet or exceed market demand, while reaping the benefits of tighter control.


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