Float Solutions

The combination of Model Based Control and traditional PID Control will help you improve the performance of your float plant. Now you can tie together your entire process from the batch plant through the lehr. The experience gained from more than 50 float installations is combined to ensure your process exceeds expectations.


Utilize Model Based Control

ACSI control systems utilize Model Based Control to help you achieve your desired melter temperature, pressure, glass level, and other critical parameters, as well as lehr temperature. Model based control functions can be added to your existing control system or integrated into a new ACSI system.

Maximize Float Line Performance

Increase the effectiveness of your float line by enhancing the control system from the Batch House through to glass conditioning.

• Ensure accurate weighing control for Batching and Unloading.

• Utilize Material Verification and Material Inventory Tracking when unloading.

• Optimize Melter performance by efficiently controlling combustion and fuel profiling.

• Control combustion on a per burner or per port basis.

• Control Tin Bath temperature effectively.

• Conserve energy by automatically monitoring and adjusting tin bath zone power usage.

• Maintain an inert atmosphere in the tin bath.

• Achieve desired ribbon width and thickness with tweel and knurl control and monitoring.

• Control and monitor Lehr drive speed.

• Automatically control lehr heating and cooling.

• Utilize crossover control for special applicaitons.

• Employ setup tables to easily change products.
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