Solutions for Fiberglass Manufacturing


ACSI has unparalleled experience with the fiberglass industry, working with every major manufacturer in the United States. Our control systems for glass fiber cover the entire hot end and can include the complete process through to packaging.

As with all systems, raw material unloading and batching are included; however, our systems go beyond the basics.

Utilize Model Based Control

ACSI control systems utilize Model Based Control to help you achieve your desired melter temperature, pressure, glass level, and other critical parameters, as well as bushing temperature. Model Based Control functions can be added to your existing control system or integrated into a new ACSI system.

Maximize Fiberglass Plant Performance

Increase the effectiveness of your plant by enhancing the control system from the Batch House through to glass conditioning.

• Ensure accurate weighing control for Batching and Unloading.

• Maximize Melter performance by controlling temperature, pressure, combustion, fuel profiling, and glass level using PID and Model Based Control.

• Use the innovative Model Based strategy to directly control your Forehearth's 9-point grid.

• Prioritize each point on the grid.

• Improve bushing ramp/soak cycles.

• Create, save, recall, and execute bushing recipes with ease.

• Track materials using SQL server data reporting.

• Employ automatic adjustment for solids content.

• Achieve efficient binder distribution with ACSI's multiple sequencing ability.

• Benefit from breakout detection and monitoring.

• Minimize breaks and maximize efficiency with effective busing control.

• Utilize Model Based Control to achieve optimum bushing temperature.

• Improve cold end operations by extending our control systems to glass conditioning equipment, ovens, and the packaging area.

• As with all ACSI systems, material verification and material inventory tracking are used for secure unloading, and the proprietary Automatic Preact Adjustment Algorithm ensures accurate weighing.
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