Upgrade Your Binder Control


Our Binder systems provide great flexibility in building and executing recipes, while maintaining an easy-to-use operator interface.

Each system provides operators with an easy-to-use Binder System Overview screen, displays the physical layout of your system. Operators may then drill down to additional screens for individual scales, mixers, transport systems, and other system equipment. In addition, users may select, modify, and create recipes and download these recipes to the PLC.

Each system is intended to run in Automatic mode under normal operating conditions; however, it can easily be run in Manual mode at any time.

Automatically Adjust for Changing Conditions

ACSI Binder Control Systems allow you to manage inventory and control costs using advanced controls and a simplified operator interface. As with Batching, our Binder control systems incorporate the Automatic Preact Adjustment Algorithm to ensure materials are weighed accurately in the shortest possible time.

In cases where fine-tuning is needed, the system makes automatic adjustments in order to compensate for feeder degradation and material flow changes.

Customize Binder Recipes

ACSI control systems allow you to create, save, and recall binder recipes in order to streamline your process and reduce costs.

The use of SQL server data reporting allows for lot tracking of materials, and features such as solids content adjustment ensure the system operates with minimal operator attention.

Operators may monitor the final weight of each material, create new binder recipes and update existing recipes quickly and easily. In addition, any deviations from the target weight are recorded and tracked.

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