Increasing Batching and Unloading Accuracy


ACSI has installed over 100 batching control systems on both mechanical and pneumatic plants. Our batch control systems incorporate a proprietary Automatic Preact Adjustment Algorithm for weighing control. The algorithm takes the guesswork out of the process by recording and analyzing weighing performance.

Adjust to Changes

In cases where fine-tuning is needed, the system makes automatic adjustments in order to compensate for feeder degradation and material flow changes.

Accurately Weigh Materials

Our systems ensure materials are weighed accurately, using the Automatic Preact Adjustment Algorithm and monitors the final weight of each material. The unique features of the algorithm ensure the number of jogs needed to achieve the target weight is minimized, which allows operators to spend time on other tasks.
All weights are recorded, and any deviations from the target weight are accumulated.

Customize Formulas

ACSI control systems allow you to create, save, and recall batch formulas in order to streamline your process and reduce costs.

Upgrade the Unloading Process

ACSI unloading control uses an information matching strategy to manage material as it is unloaded. This strategy, which utilizes supplier-provided delivery information, minimizes any batch loss you could incur due to incorrect materials. Our systems improve the unloading accuracy and contribute to inventory development. In addition, your control system will contain customized unloading summary reports with the information you require.

Improve the following areas with an unloading control system:

• Raw Material Unloading

• Inventory Development

• Unloading Action Recording

Truck Unloading

• Rail Unloading

Our systems also provide a secure means of Material Verification and Material Inventory Tracking.

Material Verification ensures the correct materials are unloaded and stored in the appropriate locations.

Material Inventory Tracking is also used to alert personnel when inventory is low and assist in the re-ordering process.

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