Improving Performance for Aggregates

As energy costs rise, it is absolutely essential to take every step possible to reduce the amount of energy used for each part of your process. An efficient control system is the first step to achieving lower energy costs and higher yield with less waste.

Because your process is sensitive to even the slightest variations, the entire process must be diligently controlled. ACSI control systems ensure the following areas of the process are carefully regulated:

• Raw material verification and unloading

• Raw material storage and preparation

• Crushing and grinding

• Material batching, blending, and mixing

• Calcination

• Preheating and heating

• Cooling

• Finishing

• Tie-in to dispatching

ACSI utilizes the innovative Model Based Control to provide you with predictive, adaptive controls that help you reach new setpoints with virtually no overshoot, control to tighter tolerance, and drastically reduce setup times and downtime. As a result, you will benefit from a much more stable process.



As a result of a more efficient control system, you will see the following benefits:

Accurate weighing control ensures better Batching.

• Material Verification and Material Inventory Tracking aid in streamlining the process.

• Tighter tolerance for raw mill particle size results in better blending.

• Reduced heat loss during grinding leads to lower electrical energy demands and, ultimately, cost savings.

• Optimized milling reduces unnecessary costs.

• Efficient temperature control for preheating, kiln heating, and cooling during calcination reduces energy usage and emissions.

• Continuous monitoring optimizes the entire process.

• Streamlined data analysis and reporting helps you exceed quality standards and meet government regulations.

• Increased plant availability increases uptime.

• Increased production leads to maximized yield.

• Automatic monitoring and adjustment of power usage aids in conserving energy.

• Continuous control and monitoring of drive speeds increases equipment life.

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